QA Lead

Teo Ohlsson

Ever since I was a little kid, knowing how stuff works have been a passion. I started my IT career in 2009 by building apps for the iPhone with Xcode 3.2 and the apps got over 20000 downloads. When I was done with my studies at Stockholm University in 2014 I decided to work with QA ever since. Currently, I’m a QA lead and have a smaller team of people who do both manual and automated tests. During the years as a QA, I’ve tested everything from large banking apps to audiobook apps, car dealership websites and games. A few of them have won awards and been selected by Apple as “Editors Choice”.



QA Lead

2018 - Current

BBH Stockholm

As QA Lead I’m responsible for a smaller team of QA Engineers and to push the QA process forward in order to always deliver high quality software at a fast pace.

QA Egnineer

2016 - 2018

BBH Stockholm

As a QA engineer at BBH, my daily work routine is to create test cases and perform them to verify that new features are according to the specifications and is of great quality. I work closely with the developers, project managers, design, and UX.

User Admin

2015 - 2016


As a User Admin at H&M, my team was responsible for user access management in Europe, Russia, and Australia. The daily work consists of a lot of contact with different people across the world as a supporting part at H&M.

IT Technician

2015 - 2016

Solid Park

As an IT technician, my main function is to support clients with general desktop and printer, or network support. I also installed networking equipment, such as routers and switches, as well as cabling, and did regularly monitor networks to ensure that they are running optimally.


2014 - 2015


As a QA at Nordea, my main responsibility is testing the business and the private banking app. The daily work consists of writing bugs for both the app and the backend.


2012 - current

Tornadic has been a side business for many years. At Tornadic I do everything from helping customers design, develop, and marketing new websites. I’ve done more than 50 websites for different businesses mostly in Sweden.




The Coop app and multiple other apps for Coop. In the Coop app, the user can order food, find recipes and create shopping lists – the all-in-one solution to find and order food.


An audiobook service from the powerhouse Bokus. It was a wonderful experience to work with people with such passion for books and to help people find their next book to disappear into.


One of Sweden’s largest car dealerships. KVD sells cars through auctioning on their website and the whole buy process is online.


The fastest way to pick up a healthy lunch or snack. The Panini team was incredibly ambitious and we launched with a brand new digital ecosystem that let their visitors skip the queue by pre-ordering or by scanning items and paying with the app in the store.


When you have enjoyed a night at your favorite restaurant you shouldn’t have to spend the last 10 minutes waiting for the check. With Maîtres you just stand up and walk away. The app sorts the payment without you having to lift a finger. A magical experience and one where you don’t actually have to pick up your phone.

Bygg Din Volvo

Volvo is the biggest car manufacture in Sweden and sells cars all over the world. Bygg din Volvo is the configurator where the user can build their next dream car.

Worth Mentioning

Min Volvo, Bamseklubben – TUI, Hemfrid, Nordea företagsapp, FMTK, Nordea privat internetbank, When, Vklass, Sunfleet




Gröna Lund

2013 - Nuvarande


2020 - 2021

Storstad/Olssons Skor

2013 - 2015

Restaurang Porto Salvo

2010 - 2011

Restaurang Paparazzi

2007 - 2009